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 "I can't recommend John's work enough. He was easy to work with and the final results were better than I could ever imagine. John's insight was spot on and he helped keep the story moving and the characters honest. I firmly believe my novel would not have been published without John's help. I look forward to working with him in the future."

Marc X. Carlos

The Silence and the Dark

Memoir / self help

"I hired John to edit all three of my books. I was amazed at how acute John's attention to detail is, not only in the grammatical context, but in accuracy, content, and structure. I would highly recommend that any prospective author have John edit the manuscript and proofs before submission. You can be certain that your book will be polished and shine. After all, it's your reputation once the book is released."

Scott Kaye

Cleared for Takeoff

Young adult science fiction

"With his unique background, John has the rare ability to see both the trees and the forest. In my YA science-fiction novel, he quickly identified not just grammatical and language issues, but also subtle plot holes, discontinuities, and errors of fact — not an easy feat when the subject 

matter involves theoretical physics. His feedback is clear and actionable, and he works with my writing style, rather than trying to impose his own. My novel is much improved thanks to John, but most importantly, I feel that I now have a dedicated and enthusiastic partner who cares as much about my book as I do."

Brian R. Sanders

The Smallest Things


"I was afraid of hiring an editor who would just go through my book and spellcheck. John Cannon completely exceeded all my expectations and improved my book more than I thought possible or could have done on my own. He read my book several times, made critical edits, and provided great suggestions to the manuscript and to my writing."

David Hoyt

Without Luck: A Book about Innovation


"After many years as a journalist, I have embarked on a new challenge — writing a novel. As I toiled away at my third draft, it occurred to me that I needed an editor to provide a fresh perspective, and I found the gold standard in John Cannon. His notes are filled with insights and suggestions that transform the page without heavy-handedness, and no one is better than John at copy editing. He misses nothing. John is also extremely witty in his observations, a much-needed asset in an editor."

Patricia Broderick

Dead Men's Tales

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